A world of Entertainment

Temitope Johnson is a music artist, specializing in a variety of genre of music to meet the cultural, entertainment, and recreational interest of many throughout the United States, Canada, Nigeria, and London.

Whether you are looking for music entertainment for your social and or church event, Temitope Johnson can help.

In 2005, Temitope Johnson started a band, which includes: music artist, backup singers, percussionists, guitarists, drummers, and keyboardists.  He hosts several live shows, concerts, and has been contracted to sing at many events, including birthdays, weddings, graduations, receptions, and churches, to name a few.

Notably, Temitope Johnson is also known for gospel highlife and afro music. Therefore, He also includes the following afro instrumentalist: talking drum (gangan) and omele which are Nigeria native drums used for hailing the Kings and local community leaders.

As a leader in the music entertainment industry, Temitope Johnson takes pride in offering the appropriate music, that is, songs and other entertainments for events.